Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hot or Not

Gosh it's all a little hot around here! Not enough watermelon and ice cubes in the kitchen to keep this family cool! Check out Loobylu who turned me onto the Hot~Not Wednesday's.

Not so Hot:
  • Market tents taking off in the wind! (a photo would have been funny)
  • Missing out on Cyber Monday's free postage cuz I'm international.
  • Nelli missing out on our mango champagne slushies.
Smokin Hot:
  • Giving kisses to my kids on their soft plump cheeks!
  • Making these paper flowers with Lilly.
  • Climbing up Anna & Murray's mango tree, and picking these.
  • My friend Tracey giving me some snazzy bag handles, cuz I love making bags.
  • Going with my girlfriend to her baby scan and finding out she is having a girl (she has two boys)!! Frilly bloomers here we come!
  • Celebrating Becky's Blog Birthday with her give away~Super cool vintage table cloth!!


  1. Is that THE dress? I would have liked to see a photo of the injury you scored rescuing that market tent! Cute flowers! Happy sewing!

  2. Nope not L.M. dress. :) Have you painted your toenails yet for sparkle shoe wearing?

  3. I love smoochin my kidlets cheeks too, especially when they start giggling about it!

  4. Mango mango champagne slushies??!!!! Oooo yum! Thanks for wishing me luck Taralee
    Chele xx

  5. Yep that smooching is the hottest ever ... wait till you get a couple more generations ... it get's even better - gives me a smile a mile wide ;)