Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hot & Not so Hot

Thanks to Loobylu for letting me participate in Hot/Not Wednesday's.

Not so Hot:
  • Setting out the butter to make cookies, then the butter actually melting because it is so hot outside, I need "room temp" butter please.
  • The clouds floating around and failing to rain!
  • Chipmunks Christmas music turned up very loud every morning. (it was fun the first three days)
  • Our stockings all hung in a row.
  • This horse I can see from my veranda getting cool under the tree.
  • My husband pressure washing the car park and some windows I have trouble reaching.
  • School Christmas parties and concerts!
  • Ordering 1 box of cherries, 1 tray of mangoes, and 1 smoked ham for Christmas.
Have a great week everyone!


  1. oooh look at all your buttons/gizmos happening over yonder in sidebar!!!
    thanks for reminding me i need to order ham etc. bring on that rain (except saturdays please!!!!!!)

  2. Oh a box of cherries! So delish! I am hoping we get a box of cherries this year too. xx