Sunday, January 10, 2010

Favorite Fabrics of 2009

Through the year so many fabrics have passed under my machine's needle. Fabrics are after all what inspire us to sew something. Some fabrics are saved for a long long time, waiting for that perfect project, because that piece of fabric is very special. I am just learning too that fabrics disappear from shops never to be bought again! Luckily designers are bringing out amazing new fabrics to be excited about! So here is my all time favorites list compiled with movtivation by True Up's blog.

Favorite HOME DECOR:
Anna Maria Horner's Drawing Room
Favorite Juvenile Print: Sandy Klop "Happy Campers"
Favorite Trend: 50's Florals
Favorite Geometric Print: Gingham Favorite Op Shop Find:

Favorite Novelty Print: Cheeky Squirrels

Favorite New Designer: Kristen Doran
Favorite Overall Designer: Anna Maria Horner
Favorite Fabric Shop: Buttercupity

Favorite Mystery Collection: (If anyone knows any info on this basket of fabric my Mom gave me I would love some.)


  1. Hey Tara, thanks for stopping by my blog... I love those cheeky squirrels.

    Your Baby Box quilt in the shop is gorgeous!


  2. I've seen that basket of quilting fabrics at Jo-ann's. And I know I bought some yardage of the large brown print (with flowe3rs) on the left there, I think it's from their legacy quilting fabric collection.

  3. Thanks! You are too kind and have put a huge smile on my face. Happy Sewing!

  4. Hey TaraLee! You are one of the giveaway winners! But I don't think you have your email available on this page, so I'm trying this route. Congratulations! Hope to hear from you soon!

  5. Yiippeee! THanks Kim~THanks cool fabric shop sponsors.