Sunday, January 17, 2010


If you live in a queenslander home you are rich with veranda! Our "porches" wrap around most of the house. Being up high helps to catch the breezes in summer. My new project has been to declutter the verandas and create comfy space to drink, snack, read, or play UNO. My dear friend Emma the florist has an amazing creative eye for anything leafy/floral. She spotted our neglected cactus out in yard by the rain tank on top of the septic lid. She said, "wow that is such a cool cactus!" One Bunnings trip later our cactus is feeling pretty happy having moved up to veranda sunshiny views and a sleek new pot. With Emma's help (thanks Em..)we picked out some other grasses to compliment. I will keep you posted with stage 2 of our veranda make-over.

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