Thursday, November 26, 2009

To Market To Market

Summer marketing is nice. The sun is already up. You get to leave your sleeping husband and children behind letting them fend for themselves. Not that they mind, Dad is fun.
Christine and I have done four Saturday's at Eumundi Markets. Being a newbie has its perks. We get a new site each time. Last week we were perched up high catching breezes. Situated on our right was Bill the oyster farmer from Bribie Island. Yes, of course I sampled one for you Dad! On our left, the Noosa Red tomato guy, did not catch his name. We both walked away happily with a brown bag full of good smelling tomatoes grown only a few kilometers away. And all around us was the finest foods. I sampled the wholegrain, sourdough, organic breads a little too much! Come on, chocolate brandied prune bread!! DEEELISH! Across from us were the tea people, selling herbal teas for any ailment, but Christine saw them drinking coffee.

Setting up on the wonky hilly site was a cinch. We both buzz busily along without much communication, it all just comes together swiftly. Resulting in a colorful attractive must go and look at stall!
So there we were perched among the foodies, hoping people remembered to wipe their hands of oyster before fondling our precious wares. We loved chatting with our customers while they told us how groovy our hand made goodies are. The reward of our weeks hard but fun creative work.
At the days end, the mad rush out of the hot market. Newbies must wait their turn! Permanents as they are called, get to park closest, first! Arriving home our kids are happy to see us talking about their day with Dad. Gin and tonic hits the spot. We put up our feet while dreaming up fresh ideas for the week.

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